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  • Your soulmate has finally popped the question, you’re surrounded with love and congratulations
    and people keep asking you; “So when is the wedding?”

    Don’t stress! Our experienced consultants have put together the top five most Frequently Asked Questions to help you get prepped
    and on the way to finding the dream gown.


    Q: We’ve set a wedding date, when should I start looking for a dress?

    A: Firstly, congratulations! Finding the venue that fits in your vision is a big step. Some designers can have extended making times, leading out to up to 6 months. We definitely recommend to start looking and trying on styles early, a good time frame would be around 10 months before the wedding; this will give you enough time to try different styles and allow time for alterations. Another little hint is to browse online and in magazines to find pictures of what you like in a dress, this will help stylists to understand the direction you want to go in.

    Q: Do I need to make an appointment, or can I just come in?

    A: Generally speaking, appointments are always preferred during the week and a necessity on the weekends. If you book in a time with a consultant, you’re guaranteed a full hour of one-on-one time with us. In this hour we talk about your likes and dislikes and work through different styles to achieve the right look; we understand it can be an overwhelming experience so we aim to provide a relaxed, stress free environment for you to enjoy.

    Q: Is there anything I need to bring with me to my appointment?

    A: Let’s start with the basics: nude coloured underwear and a strapless bra (or with straps is also okay). This is something that a lot of brides don’t consider but can make a big difference with how dresses sit and can also be distracting from the overall look. Otherwise, there’s not much else you need to bring with you.

    Q: I want to bring some people with me to my appointment, is that okay?

    A: Absolutely! We encourage you to bring people with you who are supportive and share your vision. Although many people will want to join you on your dress hunt, keep in mind that sometimes friends or family can have strong opinions that may not be constructive. Just make sure your squad is on your side and you’ll have a great time!

    Q: Okay, I’ve picked my dress; what happens next?

    A: How exciting! If you haven’t had a second appointment already, we recommend you book back in with your consultant to go over the finer details of ordering your gown. This includes getting measured up for size, choosing a colour and any other details we need to discuss. After a little bit of paperwork and placing down a deposit, your gown is then ordered! As mentioned earlier, some designers can take around 5-6 months to make a gown so there is quite a bit of time where there isn’t anything for you do (start looking for outfits for your bridal party or tick some other things off your list). Once your gown arrives in store, we check it over and make sure everything is 100%. After this we book you back in for another appointment to try on and discuss what alterations, if any will need to be done. All of our alterations are done offsite, but we can definitely help you through this process as well.

    We’re at the end of our top 5 FAQs now and hope this has helped fill in some questions that you have. If we have missed anything though, feel free to send us an email at info@bridesofmelbourne.com.au or jump onto our socials; just search BRIDES OF MELBOURNE on both Facebook and Instagram.